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Lic24 exhibition booth rental

Our esteemed client from Belgium, PLUO, wowed attendees once again with a vibrant and captivating booth design for the beloved Smurfs. This showcase took place at the prestigious Licensing Expo 2024 in Las Vegas, NV, where the booth’s charm made everything seem more vibrant.

The impressive 50′ x 20′ booth not only featured a spacious conference room but also a well-equipped storage area with a large monitor, all adorned with seamless dye sublimation graphics. Every detail of the silicone edge graphics (SEG) was meticulously crafted to ensure a seamless visual experience from all angles. These remarkable structures were expertly constructed using our top-of-the-line modular rental frames.

Have you heard about our innovative feature that effortlessly pre-notches large format graphics? This ensures a perfect fit on popular modular systems such as Agam, Aluvision, and Bematrix. The Licensing Expo serves as a global stage where thousands of brands come together, sparking conversations that lead to new and innovative opportunities for these cherished brands to soar to new heights.

For more information about our Rental Booth solutions, please take a look at our Modular Frames and Rental Frames.

Please visit our Portfolio page to see more pictures of the amazing Smurfs booth.

Photo credits: ©2024

Boi Smit

President & Founder