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Custom 20′ x 10′ Rental Booth

This year for The Specialty Coffee Expo, our client PUQpress from The Netherlands, had a 20′ x 10′ corner booth. Goal for this rental booth was to create a stylish looking booth that reflected the company’s global branding. This was accomplished with stunning in-house produced graphics installed on our Rental Frames. In addition to this, a custom built wooden slat wall with a 3D backlit LED logo were created. A custom built black counter top completed the look.

PUQpress has innovated the world’s premier precision coffee tamper. Understanding the frustration of manually tamping grounds with inconsistent angle and force, they have revolutionized the process. They have done so by ensuring unparalleled precision and consistency for baristas everywhere.

The Specialty Coffee Expo offers a comprehensive experience for coffee enthusiasts worldwide. Roasters and retailers can showcase their products, connect with key industry players, and advance their careers through engaging lectures and hands-on learning opportunities provided by the SCA. Coffee lovers from various professional backgrounds can join in or spectate the thrilling coffee competitions, connect with fellow enthusiasts at receptions and lunches, or delve deeper into the world of cupping, brewing, and roasting in our enlightening educational sessions.

Rental Booths can be very cost effective, and won’t require customers to store anything, while maintaining a state-of-the-art look and feel.

For more information about our booth solutions, please take a look at our Modular Frames and Rental Frames.

For a visual overview of this project, please visit our Portfolio Page.


Boi Smit

President & Founder