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Knowledge is Power When It Comes To Recycling

At CEES SMIT we have always looked ahead. As a multi generation family business, we always focus on the long term. Sustainability and recycling are a crucial part of that. We are at least as ambitious when it comes to a sustainable future, as we are in the quality of our work.

Realized ambitions

Since 2015, we have been generating the majority of our print facility’s energy needs through solar panels. In addition to that, we produce nearly all sublimation prints with water-based inks. And we are pioneers in using the world’s first 16 feet sublimation printer. The second Durst Rhotex 500 printer was added in October 2023, to increase our capacity.

Sustainable benefits

Sublimation printing offers significant advantages over UV printing in terms of contributing to a sustainable future. Prints can be shipped folded, which takes up considerably less space than shipping these on rolls. Therefore it causes fewer CO2 emissions. The prints are odorless, and because of the flexible inks they can also be included in our recycle and re-use programs.

Recycle and re-use programs

At CEES SMIT we believe that sustainability throughout the entire chain is important. We are eager to take the lead in this. That’s why we are continually investigating options, to set up an integrated recycle and re-use program. With this we are enabling venues, event organizers and exhibit houses, to collect the used prints, that we can collect and reprocess afterwards.

Good can always be better

All our investments, further automation of our business processes and our product choices are always driven by the ambition to maximize sustainability. At the same time, we see that our clients prefer to be able to quantify their efforts towards a sustainable future. That is why we had our entire product range certified by an independent, global certification body.

Together towards a sustainable future

At CEES SMIT, we believe in the power of collaboration. Sustainability, like many other things, must be a joint effort within the industry. We realize that every effort towards a more sustainable future, at a product or company level, has measurable positive effects on the footprint of a trade show or event. Do you have ideas, plans, or suggestions on how we can further assist you in your sustainability goals? We would love to hear them!


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