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Save both space and money with the Rental Program from CEES SMIT.

Easy does it

With an ingeniously designed system, single sided and double sided aluminum frames can be customized. With our CS-S27 and CS-D44 Series any frame size can be created. All parts are labeled for easy install. Both CS-S27 and CS-D44 Series can be used in combination with any of our other proprietary aluminum extrusions and light boxes.

New Trend: Rentals for Frames Used in Trade Show Booth Constructions are Gaining Popularity

Research from EDPA shows that there is a shift towards rental. No less than 70 percent of the exhibit builders switched from selling booths to renting them out. With the rental program, CEES SMIT is able to offer yet another solution to better serve customers.

Booths are becoming more and more custom-made

So it is less likely that a fabric (and an associated frame) will be used more often. The rental program offers a solution. Renting a frame is more cost effective and you do not have to store the materials yourself. This means you can go to CEES SMIT, Inc. Inc with any budget and invest in a unique dye sublimation print and keep the costs for the frame down. Yet, there are situations where it makes sense to purchase a frame. This is recommended if you work with the same size canvases on a regular basis (so that the frame stays the same) or if you rent out the frame yourself.

Ask CEES SMIT, Inc. for no obligation advice to discover what suits your organization best: renting or buying. Let us know what you need. If you fill out the form we will send a free of charge info kit to your address. Note: we will contact you for your address details.

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CS-S27 Series:

  • 27mm / 1-1/16″
  • silver anodized
  • single sided
  • wall mounted

CS-D44 Series:

  • 44mm / 1-3/4″
  • silver anodized
  • double sided
  • freestanding
  • hanging

Smart Design

Simplicity is the key to success. The CS-S27 and CS-D44 Series consist of only a few different types of parts, that can be connected into countless configurations.


Both CS-S27 and CS-D44 Series can be customized as desired, and can be fully integrated with any of our other proprietary aluminum extrusions and light boxes.

Large Inventory

Our bulk inventory allows us to supply multiple tradeshows and events simultaneously across the nation. We offer pre-installation and transportation of frames.

Have you ever wanted a Rental Program where you decide what the shape will be?


You can enjoy the freedom of giving shape to your imagination, with the help of our building blocks.