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Roll Up, Pop Up, and Show Off!

Mobile branding solutions are focused on ease of installation, and transportation.

We make sure you have the right presentation for every situation. Besides SEG fabric Pop Up booths, Roll Up banners, and Beach Wings we offer a wide range of customized displays. Our presentation systems withstand the test of time, and are cost effective solutions.


Mobile Branding Solutions go hand in hand great with our myLEDGO Toolless Lightboxes. We developed a range of toolless lightboxes, that are modular and can be connected to created even larger and more impactful displays. Subsequently all these solutions pop up easily, and are set up in minutes.

Besides out myLEDGO Toolless Lightboxes, we offer a full range of internally lit frames. With an extensive array of Aluminum Profiles, we can turn your ideas into reality. A great example of lightboxes can be found in our Portfolio. For this project we created an installed custom designed lightboxes for Cart Mart.





Simply take the Pop-Up frame out of the canvas roller bag, and expand it to its final size.


Use special connectors if you wish to connect or stack multiple Pop-Up frames.


Internal lighting can be added to Pop-Up walls and counters with ease.

Take your message with you, wherever you go


Mobile branding solutions are a great tool for situations that require fast and easy installation. Most products come with travel safe packaging, such as a hard travel case. With a heavy emphasis on easy of install, most of our products are toolless and can be set up in minutes without any expert installation. All products include our set up instructions.

Toolless setup

Mobile branding solutions are designed in such a way that no special tools are needed for setup.

Many configurations

Mobile branding solutions require no specialized knowledge, and can be installed very easily.

Lightweight frames

Mobile branding solutions are designed in such a way that they can be taken anywhere, due to the compact size.

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