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Cut It Out – Notching To The Next Level

Increase finished looks of your graphics, and reduce installation times with our notch service for modular systems, like Aluvision, and Bematrix. We created an algorithm that enables auto-notching, integrated in our finishing step. No more time consuming onsite notching needed, but a clean, finished look that will stand out!

Notching seg

Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG)

With our automated sewing machines, we can finish any graphics with various silicone gaskets, to fit any type of aluminum extrusion frame system, like Agam, Aluvision, Bematrix, and Octanorm. Most common gast sizes are 12mm x 1.5mm (Agam), 12mm x 3mm (for various systems), and 14mm x 3mm (Aluvision, Bematrix).

Gasket large format graphics


We offer various ways to create seams. These either be stitched, or if preferred they can be welded.

Welding large format graphics


For graphics that need to be attached to truss systems for instance, we can reinforce graphics with webbing and grommets. Our grommets are available in various colors and sizes.

Grommets large format graphics


Velcro is a great way to finish graphics. Velcro is very strong, and is available in different sizes and colors.

Velcro large format graphics

Need custom finishing? Contact us!


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