Show: IPCPR 2019
Sands Expo
Las Vegas, NV

  • For Royal Agio Cigars, we have set up a 50×20 feet booth.
  • Full service was provided for this existing booth.
  • Installation and dismantle of entire booth.
  • Reproduction of graphics (combination of backlit and Blockout graphics).
  • Rental of award winning ‘pucklights’.
  • Carpet for booth.

Watch the video of the event here:

Our work for Agio Cigars includes:

  • Inspection and repair of existing items, such as wooden grids, glass showcases, cabinets, and Aluvision frames.
  • Repair and production of crates for storage and shipment to and from show site.
  • Storage of all crates.
  • Service during show.
Agio branding an event
Agio special event signs
Agio custom lightbox
Agio custom display system