Printable Dibond panels: sturdy and light thanks to a special composition of aluminum. Thanks to these core values, this sheet material is ideal for mounting on flat walls and facades. The surface of the panels is smooth and glossy, which means that images and designs look extremely sharp.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Printable Dibond panels are highly suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They are resistant to weathering due to their high corrosion and weather resistance. The material will therefore not warp. Using supplied mounting systems, the panels can be easily attached to a wall. Thanks to our special UV printing technique, the ink is hardened using a UV lamp. This creates a protective layer and the ink is scratch-resistant, giving a beautiful result. An additional advantage is that the ink is UV light-resistant, so the sun will not affect the colors.

Custom printed Dibond

Thanks to our advanced machinery, we can print Dibond sheets (also known as Alubond) up to a size of 300 x 145 cm in one piece. Larger sizes are possible, but the print will be divided into several pieces. In addition to a square cut-out, we can also cut Dibond to size (cut contour), for example in the shape of a company logo or individual letters. For specific custom projects, our team of experts is ready with a suitable solution!

Print technique