Custom in-store solutions

For Cart Mart in La Quinta, CA, CEES SMIT designed and built multiple visual branding solutions to add to the already amazing store layout.


For this store a modular beMatrix storage space with door, and an arch were created, that allow configurations to change, and increase or decrease the structure easily. For instance the canopy can easily be extended so a golf cart can be placed under it. Also for the storage a door was placed including a key pad lock.


Various lightboxes were applied throughout the store. In the center area 2-sided lightboxes were placed and covered with our new foldable backlit dye sub textile, named LumiStretch. When entering the store to the left, two large 20ft 1-sided lightboxes were mounted on concrete walls. For the museum area, where vintage golf carts are displayed, among which one of President Eisenhower, a extra long 2-sided lightbox was created with a special angled corner, that shows photos from the family business’ back in 1959 to today.


People entering the store are in for an experience. Besides all great looking golf carts, visuals are placed throughout the store, displaying lifestyle images. The images were printed on Blockout Stretch, dye sub textile and mounted on aluminum profile type Double-44 Open. In additional a tower was built, including counter, monitor, and two sets of tables and stools to meet with potential buyers.

Cost effective solutions

The use of modular systems are cost effective, since structures can easily be reconfigured. Another advantage is that for new graphics only the actual square feet are calculated that need to be replaced or covered.

hanging custom light box display backlit graphics
Wall light box displays
Cartmart modular booth design with large format graphics
Custom lightbox design