Acrylic Panel

The Acrylic panel has a translucent function and is a popular choice for unique prints. The high-quality properties of this material and high-resolution print provide a luxurious appearance of the final product.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

The Acrylic panel is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and can be milled into almost any shape. If you want a luxury visual for your event, gallery, museum, or showroom, please contact our sales department. For a standard print on plexiglass, you can use the configurator and customize the product to your liking.

Protected print on plexiglass

The plexiglass plate is standardly available in various thicknesses. The print is printed on the backside of the plate with the front side visible. This ensures that the print is always protected from possible damage. However, keep in mind that the material itself is susceptible to scratches!

Print technique