a revolutionary lightbox that puts your message in the spotlight

myLEDGO – Toolless Lightbox

Showcase your product in a revolutionary display system with high quality OSRAM LED technology.

A high level of brightness and even illumination makes myLEDGO a champion among illuminated displays. Set up decorative focal points or combine several modules for larger illuminated displays – both allow you to create sophisiticated mood elements, even in big rooms.

With just a few easy touches, an impressive appearance is guaranteed. Compact design and sophisticated packaging allow for optimal storage and transport of both components and digital prints.

myLEDGO is now also available through our rental program!

myLEDGO is the perfect display solution for:

  • Tradeshow presentations or product launches
  • As a partition wall or backdrop in a tradeshow booth
  • Decorating interiors in schools or hotels in an accessible, flexible way.

6 great advantages of myLEDGO

  1. Vibrant lighting with the latest LED technology
  2. Beautiful design
  3. Lightweight and stable
  4. Modular
  5. Easy to use
  6. Unique and compact packaging

myLEDGO brochure

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lightbox with backlit fabric print
light box with fabric print