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Smart systems to easily (re)configure spaces

CEES SMIT offers Modular Frames that can easily be set up, and reconfigured. This is ideal for trade show booth designs. The frame system allows for fabrics or hard substrates, depending on needs. The system comes in a variety of frame sizes, straight or curved. They have great add on features, such as doors, and lighting.

Custom Add-Ons by CEES SMIT

Besides 3D foam letters, and cut out rigid materials that one can mount to modular frames, we also developed custom lightboxes. These add extra layers of depth to frames, and can be mounted onto, or integrated into the frame system. Light catches the eye, and adds an extra layer of impact, getting messages across.

Lightboxes are available in a number of ways.

Purchase or Rental

Our modular frames can be purchased or rented. Take a look at our Rental Program.

modular frames - Bematrix

Frames or Sticks?

“I have seen an ongoing discussion about which style works best, modular frames or aluminum extrusion parts that need to be assembled onsite. There is no definite answer to this question. But I believe it all depends on what one wants the end result to be. Registration Walls for instance at corporate events or trade shows, one could easily build with modular frames. Custom designed shapes though, like arches, or curved frames with a specific radius, can be built using the ‘sticks’ that are custom bent, and built.” – Boi Smit (President of CEES SMIT, Inc.)

More can be read about Aluminum Profiles by clicking on the button below.

modular frames - Bematrix
hanging frames
modular frames - Bematrix

Request more information

For more general information on modular frame developers, take a look at Agam, Aluvision, or Bematrix.


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Modular In-Store Solutions

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