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CEES SMIT offers fully compatible lightboxes with bematrix frames

Take your beMatrix structure to the next level

beMatrix Compatible Lightbox

In order to take messages to the next level, we developed our Lightbox-60, and converted it to fit seamlessly into beMatrix frames. The Lightbox-60 profile will be compatible with at least 14 standard beMatrix frame sizes.

LED on Dibond

With pre-assembled wide-angle LED strips mounted to dibond panels, installation is quick and easy. Wide-angle lenses allow for an even light distribution inside the slim Lightbox-60.

Multiple Light Intensities

LED mounted to dibond panels has a unique feature. Three colors setting are available, and a dimmer allows the light to be set to the preferred intensity.

Alternative LED Technologies

LED strips mounted to the perimeter are a cost effective solution. LED strips mounted to cross bars are great for large lightboxes.

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