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Finishing Department Automation

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Finishing Department Automation

Our in-house finishing department, is where the magic happens – our skilled team seamlessly stitches silicone edge graphics onto Blockout Textile Blackback Stretch fabrics. These high-quality textiles are then carefully placed into SEG frames, ready to showcase your brand in style.

Take your finishing to new heights with unparalleled quality and efficiency.



Finishing Automation taken to the next level!

  • Our finishing department uses custom produced silicone gaskets, that are ribbed to ensure a better grip when inserted into the extrusion groove
  • SEG – Silicone Edges graphics to fit perfectly on modular systems, such as Agam, Aluvision, or Bematrix
  • Standard gasket sizes: 12 x 1.5 mm (Agam), 12 x 3 mm (Standard SEG), 14 x 3 mm (Aluvision, Bematrix)
  • Auto-Notch feature for graphics that need to fit Aluvision, and Bematrix
  • Other finishing options also available, such as velcro, grommets, etc.
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