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Auto-Notched Graphics For Aluminum Modular SEG Systems

By 10/24/2023November 10th, 2023No Comments

Take your graphics up a notch

with our auto-notch feature

Finishing Automation taken to the next level

Getting tired of your graphics not looking great on your aluminum modular SEG system, after being manually notched? Well, that’s no longer needed. With our new auto-notch feature, your graphics will look impeccable. Our newly integrated step in finishing automation leads to perfectly fitted auto-notched graphics, that result in a cleaner look, and will allow your brand to reach your audience with more impact.

The new auto-notch feature works for a variety of frame systems, including Aluvision and Bematrix.

From drawing to fitted auto-notched graphics

If your multi-paged detailed drawing contains a simple layout with all posts and frames specified, that need to be covered and notched, our proprietary software will read the necessary information, and generate a script during the finishing process, that will lead to auto-notched graphics. With this step added to the finishing automation, it will allow more accurate installation, while lowering onsite labor costs.

Interested in using our auto-notch services?

Just fill out the contact form on this page, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

16ft wide dye sub prints

Example of notch drawing

Boi Smit