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CEES SMIT, Inc. has been developing high-end interior solutions for interior designers and architects since 1918. Our work brings spaces to life and more functional. They stand out in terms of sustainability and fire safety.



We supply (interior) architects with products and solutions and nealry 200 different materials to help achieve effective, custom-designed interiors.


We offer more than just prints. For example, our Slimframe Interior Concept can be used to quickly create a different atmosphere for any space.


Our team assists architects in achieving impressive, sustainable and effective visual interiors from initial design until production and installation. 


The right partner for high-end interior solutions

The creation of effective and impressive interior solutions requires real expertise and involves of a number of disciplines: design, project management, print, production, finishing, packaging, logistics and installation. At CEES SMIT, Inc., you will find all of these disciplines under one roof. We support you along the entire process, from beginning to end.


"What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

- Napoleon Hill