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#wearevespucci Italian Navy ship outdoor event branding

According to NBC Los Angeles the world’s ‘most beautiful’ ship docked at Port of LA. The Italian navy’s majestic Amerigo Vespucci, a training vessel constructed in 1930, has graced Southern California during its global voyage comprising 15 remarkable stops. Steadfastly serving since 1931, save a brief pause during World War II, this iconic ship continues to navigate the seas with grace and purpose. Adjacent to the ship, Villaggio Italia hosted a vibrant “Piazza Italia” square adorned with pavilions showcasing daily performances, exhibitions, culinary delights, and cinematic experiences all designed to encapsulate the essence and allure of Italy.


Key highlights of the six-day extravaganza included:

• The mesmerizing aerobatic display by Frecce Tricolori, the prestigious Italian Air Force’s National Aerobatic Team, soaring above the Amerigo Vespucci.

• Exclusive screenings of critically acclaimed Italian films handpicked by the Venice Biennale’s Mostra Internazionale del Cinema della Biennale di Venezia.

• Indulging in delectable Italian cuisine at Eataly‘s “Ristorante Italia,” along with engaging cooking sessions, enlightening conferences, tantalizing tastings, and an immersive exhibition.

• Enthralling daily musical performances by the esteemed Carabinieri’s Fanfara Cadet Team.


See slide show for a visual overview of this event.

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Boi Smit

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