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7 essential visual branding tips for b2b business events

Engaging booth

Your trade show is the place to meet your new clients, present your products to a and give your brand awareness a boost. You know better than anyone that the design and look of a booth are crucial in order to actually make use of these advantages.

Standing out is a must

A booth must create a wow effect right away. This starts with an overwhelming brand experience. This ensures that people choose to come and take a look at your booth. In addition, you want to create a place where people want to be. Where they feel at home and want to stay longer.

modular trade show booths
How to create a visually engaging trade show booth
custom trade show banners
trade show overhead signs

Turn every visitor into a prospect

A striking trade show booth is your gateway to new clients. While preparing to attend a trade show, you need to know how to design an eye-catching booth that will stand out on the show floor. Visual spectacle is simply essential to convert sales, generate leads and raise brand awareness in the industry.

Boi Smit, President Cees Smit, Inc.

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