We prefer to process your documents as PDF files (1.4 or higher);

  • No overprint
  • Formats on a scale of 100%, 50%, 25%, or 10%
  • Fonts are to be transferred into outlines or fully inserted
  • Net dimensions in the trim box
  • Overlap in the bleed box
  • Do not convert PMS colors into CMYK
  • Transparency does not have to be flattened
  • Each item to be printed in a separate PDF

The following file formats can be processed, however it would be helpful to use an alternative:

  • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign
  • tiff, .eps, .ai or .jpg files
  • RGB or CMYK (No PMS colors)
  • Sizes delivered at a 10% scale
  • No layers (Flattened)
  • Each item to be printed in a separate file
  • Fonts outlines, or included in the sent file(s)

All other software only after consultation with our DTP Studio due to specific requirements. Try to work towards a Hi-res PDF at all times.



The resolution of photographs or artwork will depend upon their application and the type of image;

  • External application, observed at close quarters; 70 to 100 DPI
  • External application, observed from a distance; 30 to 70 DPI
  • Internal application, observed at close quarters; 100 to 150 DPI
  • Internal application, observed from a distance; 70 to 100 DPI

Please keep in mind that these values apply to the finished size. For example, for a file that is finished at 10%, the above stated values should be multiplied by 10.



Please submit your files to us in any of the following ways; – Via the email address of your contact person (do not exceed 5 MB)


You can submit your artwork both in CMYK (Europe ISO Coated FOGRA39) and RGB (Adobe RGB 1998). All our printers work in accordance with the CMYK principle. This means that PMS colors are also built up from these colors and replicated as closely as possible. Please keep in mind that some colors are quite difficult to replicate with CMYK. Our advice is not to use transparencies or overprint as this may result in unexpected and undesired results.



Black is built up from CMYK. When delivering 100% K, the amount of ink for each color will be determined by our advanced color management system. Please remember that if you submit a built-up black, we leave these CMYK values intact.



Color gradients in the file are built up from a maximum of 256 shades. Elongated gradients may suffer from stripes forming in the print. This is not a printer defect, but a result of the way in which the gradient is built up. Some colors may produce this effect more than others. The best results are achieved by submitting the gradients in vectors.



Only Matchprint or Irisproof can be used as color tests. In all other instances colors may differ, due to your local color settings, for example. We do our utmost to replicate the submitted references as faithfully as possible, however colors can always differ to a degree due to the possibilities and/or limits within the color margins.



We work with width X height in centimeters by default. The dimensions ordered is the size that will be delivered. We will automatically scale files that do not correspond with the requested dimensions, but which are submitted in the correct proportions or with only a slight deviation, to the correct dimensions. If you specifically do not want us to do this, please mention this separately. if there are deviations in the dimensions in excess of approx. 2%, the order will be placed “on hold” and we will seek your advice.

Please remember that our materials have a definitive maximum print width. By default, files will be cut into sections if they are larger than the maximum print width of the chosen material. If you do not want us to do this, please indicate this when placing your order.