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We combine innovative, digital printing techniques in combination with top of the line materials to turn events into  experiences. Innovation, craftsmanship and reliability are our core values. It is our intent to create impressive visuals and provide event branding solutions that make a real impression.


It's global

We work for brands around the world. Being an international partner results in building consistent brands, using the same materials and solutions everywhere.

It's adventure

Walking side by side with our customers during the creative stages enables us to be part of the adventure that leads to an amazing brand experience.

It's excellence

We offer endless possibilities that turn an event into an experience. It is our intent to create branding of the best quality, the best price, and with the best service.


CEES SMIT, Inc. Your trusted partner for visual event branding

Excuisite visual event branding requires expertise. We are specialized in bringing design, project management, logistics, and installation come together.



- Pablo Picasso