The largest printer in the world produces unprecedentedly large, seamless fabrics and textiles for banners and signs. This not only increases engagement, and visibility, but also brings new printing possibilities. Boi Smit explains how Dell and Facebook, among others, are lending new importance to large format printing.

Large Format Printing

Only a handful of machines exist of the Durst Rhotex 500. It is the largest printer ever built and can print textiles up to 16 feet seamless, which is in stark contrast to the maximum 8 to 10 feet wide that traditional printers can achieve. This was why CEES SMIT, Inc. purchased the printer as the first in the world to do so and a number of impressive projects have resulted.

Explore the Limits of Creativity

The printer serves an international customer base that have deployed signage textiles the world over for trade fairs, film and music events. The new possibilities of large format printing challenge brands to think bigger and to explore the limits of creativity. CEES SMIT, Inc. then turns these ideas into reality.

Seamless Printing for Facebook

For example, Boi Smit, President of CEES SMIT, Inc., proudly looks back on a trade show project that he did for Facebook: “The Facebook stand had a rear wall of 125 by 24 feet, including one horizontal seam and contained stripes in different colors that seamlessly continued onto the floor. These stripes then led the visitors to an escalator and extended to the ceiling, then traversed the entire exhibition building. The challenge for us was that the colors had to be exactly the same everywhere. The final result was very special and clearly shows the added value of seamless large format printing.”

Printing or Projecting?

Every industry sees different possibilities in large format printing. In the automotive industry and for tech companies, in particular it’s, “the bigger, the better.” Very large logos are also popular to create even more visibility for the brand. Lighting companies, on the other hand, see new opportunities because they approach the fabrics as giant projection screens. Now that seamless material is available there are no shadows and it is a viable replacement for LED screens. For short-term events such as fairs, performances and films, this is much more financially attractive. For this reason, a popular television program has already opted for a large-format print as backdrop for the decor. Also, Dell brought its exhibition stand to a new level with the printer. CEES SMIT, Inc. produced a giant projection screen of over 800 x 11 feet, a circle onto which moving lights were projected, for ‘Dell Technologies World’.

Think big!

CEES SMIT, Inc. challenges you to think big, too. The team can offer complete solutions and can think along with you to develop unique plans so that visitors to the next event won’t be able to ignore your brand.

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