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The power of human creativity in bringing ideas to life

What began as a company specializing in fabric coverings for theaters and trade shows has transformed into a global provider of visual branding solutions, with established offices in the U.S., Germany, and The Netherlands.

At the core of our company’s foundation and future aspirations is a deep-seated appreciation for people. We cherish the relationships we have with our colleagues and clients, recognizing the power of human creativity in bringing ideas to life.

Looking ahead, our commitment is to remain a trusted source of expertise in the trade show and event industries, offering tailored solutions in visual branding, design, production, project management, and installation to address our clients’ needs and challenges effectively.

CEES SMIT, Inc. is a family-run company that was established in the early 1970s in The Netherlands, and branched out into the U.S. since 2011.
Boi Smit

Boi Smit


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Cees Smit history

Cees Smit, early 1970s

CEES SMIT in Amsterdam

Cees Smit, first office, 1970s

show booth displays

Boi Smit, first booth in USA, 2010

event signage design

Boi Smit, presenting at FIT, 2021