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Think big and don’t listen to people who tell you it can’t be done.
Life’s too short to think small. – Tim Ferriss

This is our story

CEES SMIT, Inc. is a family owned business, that started in the early 1970s in The Netherlands. What started as a company that impregnated drapes for theatres to make them flame retardant, evolved into a company that is specialized in anything that has to do with fabrics. Van Straaten BV which is also part of the group and is family owned as well has offices in Germany and The Netherlands, and has been a trendsetting printing company in design and use of new printing techniques and printing media for almost a century.

Global brandscaping

CEES SMIT, Inc. is a member of the Van Straaten Group, and is a leading name in the global market when it comes to visual branding. The partnership of CEES SMIT, Inc. and Van Straaten offers a unique international portfolio and an extensive range of products and services to choose from. The combination of these two trendsetting companies, and the combined knowledge of graphics and fabrics opens up a whole new world of possibilities for retail, tradeshows, events, and interior decorating. Worldwide visual storytelling, that's what we do. Our work can be found in Amsterdam, New York, and Singapore. Day in and day out, we produce visual branding that leads to a complete brand experience. 

A trusted partner

Back in 1918, innovation and craftsmanship involved weeks of mixing paints until the required colors had been achieved that were needed to paint flags. The situation today is very different, involving advanced digital printing techniques, streamlined work flows, 24/7 availability and an international logistics network. What has never changed is our consistent and reliable full service that helps our customers achieve the best possible results. 

A  sustainable world

We believe in a sustainable world for future generations. That is why our production facilities are all completely CO2 neutral, and are running on LED lighting. Solar panels and our own power plant are used to ensure that our power is as environmentally friendly as possible. The Van Straaten Group was the first company to use water-based inks and stopped using solvent inks almost 10 years ago now. Additionally, environmentally friendly alternative print materials are all part of our product range.


A business has to be involving. It has to be fun. And it has to exercise your creative instincts.

 - Richard Branson

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