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Let your brand come to life

CEES SMIT, Inc. is a reliable partner for companies where innovation and craftsmanship are key to creating effective visual branding solutions. We serve brand and event managers, stand builders, sales people and creative designers. Our unique and creative solutions for tradeshow booths, interiors and events create impact.


Since 1918

Our family-owned business has been active for almost a century. Our extensive portfolio has enabled clients to strengthen their brand around the globe.

Our strenghts

We provide customers with impressive visual branding solutions by combining high quality digital printing techniques, with the best products and materials.

Our values

The combination of craftsmanship and innovation enables us to achieve impressive visual branding results which anyone will enjoy.


Industries we serve

Our materials

A lot of attention is given to the development and improvement of materials, to ensure that the best results are obtained for each project.

Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.

- Albert Einstein


These are our customers

SONY Pictures